Barrett K. Green

Barrett K. Green

1906 – 1997

Created NCR “no carbon required” paper

Enshrined: 1991

Barrett Kerfoot Green was a chemist inducted into the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame in 1991 for inventing No Carbon Required (NCR) paper. 

Green received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in 1928.  He continued graduate work at Cornell where he studied colloids.  Green went on to work for National Cash Register in Dayton Ohio from 1933-1973) where he the invented microencapsulation to develop carbonless paper.  Green received a patent for microencapsulation on July 5, 1955.  He held 197 patents total.

Carbonless paper works when the bottom of the top sheet is coated in microencapsulated dye and the top of the next sheet is coated with a reactive clay material.  When the top sheet is written or typed on, the microcapsules break releasing the dye inside the capsules to react with the clay on the next sheet leaving a permanent mark.

Making an even greater impact on humanity, microencapsulation is also used in medicine.  Microencapsulated pills to allow the slow release of their contents in a steady dose of medication to patients.  It has also found uses in the slow release of fertilizers for plant health and in “scratch and sniff” products used in advertising and entertainment.

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