Contributions to Electrical  Engineering

Sub Cycle Static Frequency Converter


C. Paul Stocker, BSEE '26 and LDD-ENGR '74 (HON), was an inventive genius and an astute electrical engineer and businessman. His devices were patented in 26 foreign countries. After his graduation from Ohio University in 1926 with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering, Paul went to work for Bell Laboratories in New York City. During the Depression and mass layoffs, he lost his job.

Stocker invented many things but was best know for the Sub Cycle static frequency converter, which was a revolutionary design for the telephone industry. To market his invention, he started his own research and development company in 1936; Lorain Products. The company developed and manufactured hundreds of products for communications and industry and grew to over 1,000 employees and numerous plants in northern Ohio, Canada and Mexico. To this day, the Sub-Cycle remains the longest continuously manufactured part in the telephone industry. (Ohio.edu/engineering)