Engineering & Science Hall of Fame (R)


ESHoF PaintingsThe Engineering & Science Hall of Fame is located in Dayton, Ohio -  home of the Wright brothers and the site of many other advances in science and engineering.  The Hall of Fame provides a centralized location for honoring these national and international achievements.  The Hall of Fame has a long-term commitment to keep alive the memory of those engineers and scientists who have had such a great and beneficial impact on history.


The mission of the Engineering & Science Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor engineers and scientists for their achievements that significantly enhance the quality of life for humanity.  Our objective is to motivate and inspire young people to understand, appreciate, and pursue careers in engineering and science.

Enshrinee Exhibit

The Engineering & Science Hall of Fame serves as a focal point for the exhibition of the noteworthy achievements of its enshrinees.  The exhibit hall is located at the Engineers Club of Dayton overlooking the Miami River.  The exhibit consists of enshrinee official portraits and accomplishment information.